Puerto Vallarta Facts

In preparing for our recent trip we found some fun and interesting Puerto Vallarta facts to share about this fabulous Pacific Coast Mexican city. Here are some we tweeted:

1. Puerto Vallarta Facts: Puerto Vallarta and Seattle were founded in 1851

2.Vallarta FUN Facts: The first ad for vacations to Puerto Vallarta was in 1942

3.Puerto Vallarta Facts: John Huston’s 1963 movie NIght of the Iguana was filmed not far from Dreams Resorts Puerto Vallarta

4.Vallarta FUN Facts: 3 rivers run through Puerto Vallarta -Cuale, the Pitillal, and the Ameca

5.Puerto Vallarta Facts: Puerto Vallarta is located in the state of Jalisco, while Nuevo Vallarta is in Nayarit

6. Vallarta FUN Facts; Puerto Vallarta is a popular tourism destination with both national and international tourists

7. Puerto Vallarta FUN Facts:  PV was named “The Friendliest City in the World”

8. Vallarta FUN Fact: It’s easy to get around in Vallarta- the city & surrounding area has a very good bus system

9. Puerto Vallarta Facts: Vallarta is located between the Sierra Madre Mountains & the 7th largest bay in the world- Banderas Bay which is the largest in Mexico and 2nd largest in North America

10. Vallarta FUN Fact: Vallarta is only a 3 hour flight from LAX, Dallas, and about 4.5 from Seattle,  Chicago, NYC.

11. Puerto Vallarta Facts: at least 5 different species of sea turtles nest on the beaches of Vallarta

12. VallartaFUN Fact: In the warm water of Vallarta’s bays humpback whales and calves can be seen in the winter months

13. Puerto Vallarta Facts: 3 species of dolphins can be seen in the area– bottle nose, spotted and dusky.

14. VallartaFun Fact: Vallarta is full of fresh fruits- coconut, banana, watermelon, pineapple, guamuchil, mango, guava, jacka fruit & avocado


15. Puerto Vallarta Facts: 45 restaurants feature 3 course menus in Restaurant Week May 15-31 from 189-299 pesos. #FOODIES

16. VallartaFUN Fact: 930am Tuesdays- Public Sculpture Tours are led by Gary Thompson, owner of Galleria Pacifico

17. Puerto Vallarta Facts: The Malecon– seaside boardwalk stretches 3 km -a little less than 2 miles


18.VallartaFUN Fact: it took 33 years to build Vallarta’s iconic Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe

19. Puerto Vallarta Facts: The town of Tequila, just 3 hour bus trip from Vallarta, was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006

20. #VallartaFUN Fact: This region, the state of Jalisco, is the where the majority of tequila is distilled.

21. Puerto Vallarta Facts: Regional dishes include seafood burritos, ceviche- seafood cocktail, pozole-hominy in pork broth, fish on a stick

22. Vallarta FUN Fact: 17 galleries host Old Town Art  Walk every Wed 6-10pm during the winter/spring season.

23. Puerto Vallarta Facts: Terra Noble-an open air adobe day spa overlooking Vallarta also offers clay workshops to learn to make traditional pottery

24. Vallarta FUN Fact: There are over 90 hotels with more than 18,000 rooms in 5 areas in Puerto Vallarta -There’s something for everyone!

The new Now Amber and Secrets Vallarta Bay combined add an additional 598 suites to choose from!

25. Puerto Vallarta FUN Fact: Vallarta is the 2nd most visited resort city in Mexico-over 2 MILLION visitors a year

26. Vallarta FUN Fact:  10-15% tips (propinas) are customary. Your server wont bring your bill til you ask for it -La cuenta por favor (la quen-ta por fa-vor)

27 Puerto Vallarta Facts:  Puerto Vallarta is the most welcoming & gay friendly destination in Mexico

What do you know about Puerto Vallarta? Please share your Puerto Vallarta facts below in the comments section.


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3 Responses to “Puerto Vallarta Facts”

  1. November 15, 2012 at 12:21 am #

    While the Night of the Iguana was actually released in August 1964, it was filmed in Mismaloya/Vallarta in late 1962.

    The most common species in Banderas Bay and Puerto Vallarta is the Olive Ridley turtle, but on occasion the very large Leatherback, the Green turtle and the Hawksbill will visit here and lay eggs. There is 7 turtle species world-wide and 6 of those will nest somewhere in Mexico, making the country an extremely important habitat for protection. Four of Mexico’s 17 beach reserves are located in the state of Jalisco and are administered through the University of Guadalajara along with the government and private organizations.

    For the 2012-2013 season, there are 13 Puerto Vallarta galleries participating in the Art Walk downtown.

    As noted, Puerto Vallarta has become one of the most popular and best gay travel destinations south of the border, if not the largest, surpassing the huge resort city of Acapulco in last two decades as a top gay vacation spot. From November to April there are a variety of tours of the area, cruises on Banderas Bay, bingo, happy hours galore, shows and special performers, and of course the extremely popular beach on Los Muertos. See Discovery Vallarta at http://www.discoveryvallarta.com for lots more info on the gay beach and nightlife.

    U.S. News and World Report in 2010 ranked Puerto Vallarta as the best vacation spot in Mexico based on traveler and expert reviews from across the web, with it’s blend of terrific beaches, authentic regional foods and restaurants and the “quaint setting”. Within the last few years, the American Society of Travel Agents reported the town as the 6th most favorite destination for American travelers abroad. Conde Nast Traveler ranked PV in 2002 as one of the top 10 foreign cities of the world, up there along with Paris, Rome, London and Sydney. For foreign friendliness Vallarta outranked all the choices and was also the first choice for its ambiance. Conde Nast further noted at the time that PV “makes its debut on the list this year, in part because of the remarkable amiability of the local folk.”

    Local bus fares, alas, will be going up again soon, to 7.5 pesos as soon as the governor of Jalisco signs off on it.

  2. July 18, 2012 at 10:00 am #

    Well it depends on where you exchange but the official rate is about 12 or 13 pesos to a dollar. So, it really is a bargain considering they are 3 course meals. The higher end prices are at the Michelin highly rated restaurants.

  3. July 18, 2012 at 9:06 am #

    Fun facts. How many pesos to a dollar? It used to be a lot, but judging from the dinner prices- not so much any more unless it’s REALLY a bargain.

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