I Stumbled Upon a Farmers’ Market in London

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I always have a plan, so it was quite by accident when I stumbled upon a farmers’ market in London not on my daily itinerary. Typically, I am not an adventurer or wanderer, the thought makes me crazy.  I admit, I was quite delighted to find the South Kensington Farmers’ Market on Bute Street. It was about a 15 minute stroll from the Cranley Hotel where I was staying. We were looking for some lunch before heading off to see the sights. BOY oh BOY, did we find something good to eat!

 Chelsea Buns at the South Kensington Farmers' Market
The South Kensington Farmers’ Market is open on Saturday from 9am-2pm when the street is closed to traffic. Bute Street is lined with wonderful little shops but on Saturdays it come alive and fills your senses with all things fresh and good from the UK. My British friends from Maidstone and I were tempted to buy the whole market! Instead, we settled for sausage rolls from Parsons Nose and some baked goods. We found a table on the sidewalk in front of Costa Coffee where we enjoyed our lattes and large Americano with our juicy,yummy,fresh goods and watched the lively shoppers and market.
The bustling South Kensington Farmers' Market, London
There are very strict rules concerning what can be sold in the London Farmers’ Markets, in short, “we grow it, we sell it“.  The markets are certified by the Farmers’ Retail and Markets Association to ensure your purchases are fresh from farm.
 Sausage rolls with onions and peppers from Parsons Nose
If you are looking for some really fresh choices on a Saturday morning, I suggest you wander on over to…. or stumble upon the South Kensington Farmers’ Market, like I did!
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