Each Monday on Twitter we promote travel to Mexico by using the hash tag #MexMonday.

We do this by sharing the travel deals, information about sightseeing, nightlife, shopping, dining and hotels, recipes, blogs and photos.

Everyone is welcome to participate! 


Here's the story behind #MexMonday:

When I first started tweeting in June, travel had practically come to a standstill in Mexico due to the bad press about border town violence (which is over 500 miles away from the resort areas) and then the H1N1 virus. I decided I would take it upon myself to tweet and promote travel to Mexico by tweeting all the great deals in the resort areas being offered, things to do and rt those types of things. I quickly gained popularity amongst those in the travel industry in Mexico for my support in promoting travel to Mexico.
It all started on Monday, September 7th when @Great_Vacations tweeted me asking what my favorite song about the beach is. I went to blip.fm and blipped her Delbert McClinton's Sandy Beaches, the lyrics are about being down in Mexico. The tweet contained the hash tag #MusicMonday. She liked the song and I candidly replied you know it should be #MexicoMonday not #MusicMonday. She was so excited and thought it was a great idea. Several other tweeps agreed. So, we had to decide what to call it. I questioned if #MexicoMonday had too many characters and said I am all for democracy so we should vote. She quickly put together a poll.
We tweeted everybody we knew asking them to vote. After 191 tweeps voted it was decided by popular vote the hash tag would be #MxMonday. However, in all the excitement, I mistyped #MexMonday and the rest is history… I suggested that this not be a #FollowFriday sort of hash tag but rather a day to promote travel to Mexico.  I then asked everyone to tell all their tweeps about #MexMonday and to join us. I went through all my tweeps who blog, travel agents, hotels etc and asked them to join us for #MexMonday.
About my Mexico tweeps:  many who were in favor of this #MexMonday work in the tourism industry in one way or another. Many are in the Cancun area have begun to form a regular tweetup for networking. When they found out I was coming to the area, they invited me to join them. When I entered the tweetup I was greeted rather enthusiastically! They kept saying how much they love me, love following me and admire me… but I replied, no, it is me who is following you, admire you and the work you do and together we make #MexMonday work.
So each week more and more tweeps find out about #MexMonday,  I encourage anyone interested in promoting travel to join us and keep the popularity of #MexMonday growing.

And that is the story of #MexMonday