FREE things in Puerto Vallarta: Sculptures on the Malecon

When planning our #VallartaFUN trip on my MUST DO list was a trip to the new 3km Malecon. The paved boardwalk is THE place to wander along the seaside. It’s  lined with sculptures, shops, bars and restaurants. It is TOTALLY safe (I hate that I even have to make that statement but I am always asked) and free from traffic.  My mission: to photograph all the beautiful sculptures on the Malecon.

The Malecon early in the morning

Depending on the location of your hotel, a ride to the Malecon is less than $10. From our hotel, the brand spankin’ NEW adults only, Secrets Vallarta Bay and the family friendly Now Amber  Puerto Vallarta the ride to the beginning of the Malecon is around  60 pesos, about  $4.  The return from the far end  in the Zona Romantica, near my new favorite shop for Huichol art- Huicholandia at 246 Olas Altas, was only 80 pesos about $5.70! That’s a lot of fun for little to nothing! Of course, you could walk or take the bus too! The beginning of the Malecon is in front of McDonald’s. You can’t miss it!

The Millennium by Mathis Lídice

 The first sculpture on the Malecon is in front Puerto Vallarta’s first hotel, Hotel Rosarita. It is covered with sea life– both in sculpture and the LIVE cormorant that perches  on the top!

Detail on The Millennium

Life and Art on the Malecon

I imagine kids will love to pose for photos on these sculptures!

Why not rub the whale for good luck and a return visit?! We did 🙂

 This sculpture is in front of the Papantla Flyers pole.  You won’t want to miss their performance!

La Nostalgia by Ramiz Barquet

El Sutil Comepiedras- The Subtle Rock-Eater, Jonas Gutiérrez

The belly looks like a gazing ball to me:

Cool reflections!

Is it a dinosaur seahorse?

This is one of my favorite sculptures on the Malecon:

Nereid by Carlos Espino

Triton and the Nereid-Carlos Espino

This one is odd for my tastes but to each their own:

La Rotunda del Mar-The Rotunda of the Sea by Alejandro Colunga

a piece of Rotunda of the Sea

But I do like the sun!

In Search of Reason by Sergio Bustamante

Bustamante is one of my FAVORITE Mexican artists! He is famous for his paper mache pieces and I adore his jewelry work.

Visitors line up to climb this one and have their picture taken…

Even @MrTravelD got into the act!

This sculpture on the Malecon is in front of one of our MUST STOP places, Cheeky Monkey. Margaritas, Corona, Pacifico and Modelo Light beers are ONLY $1 and there is a long list of cocktails for $2 too! The entrance to Cheeky Monkey is on the side street.

Caballero del Mar-The Seahorse by Rafael Zamarripa

After a nice cold, inexpensive drink we found the most famous one of all the sculptures on the Malecon, the Seahorse. It is 9 ft. high and the first piece installed on the Malecon back in 1976.

La Fuente de la Amistad” (“The Friendship Fountain”) by James “Bud” Bottoms

The Vallarta Dancers is my ALL TIME favorite of the sculptures on the Malecon. It says MEXICO to me!

Bailarines de Vallarta-Vallarta Dancersby Jim Demetro

Vallarta Dancers

Eriza-Dos by Maritza Vasquez

These modern sculptures on the Malecon are at the beginning of the new addition which stretches into Old Vallarta and the Zona Romantica by crossing the nearby bridge.

San Pascual Bailón-The patron saint of chefs by Ramiz Barquet

Puerto Vallarta is full of incredible, mouthwatering dining experiences from street vendors to 5 star diamond rated restaurants.

When you come to the sails, cross over the bridge

If this isn't graceful, I don't know what is

Last but not least ….

The Washer Woman by Jim Demetro welcomes you to Viejo Vallarta- Old Vallarta


Viejo Vallarta

Some of Puerto Vallarta’s best art, dining and shopping can be found in this area. We stumbled upon Cheeky Monkey’s sister restaurant Sea Monkey which also has seating on the beach, of course we stopped in for lunch! The prices can’t be beat and the food is GREAT!

In my research for the names of the statues I found I am missing a couple 🙁 OH WELL, just another reason to go back! Next time I think we’ll go on the Public Sculptures Tour escorted by Galleria Pacific owner, Gary Thompson. For up to date tour information call 322-221-1982.

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4 Responses to “FREE things in Puerto Vallarta: Sculptures on the Malecon”

  1. Oscar
    August 7, 2012 at 12:48 am #

    If this isn’t graceful, I don’t know what is

    Son marinas o musas del mar, y llevan talentos como la musica.

  2. June 9, 2012 at 2:23 pm #

    I did they were FABULOUS!But I wouldn’t want to drink too many… they could hurt you –LOL! And the food was good and reasonably priced.

  3. June 9, 2012 at 8:27 am #

    Great photos! I’d love this place. Did you taste the $1 margs? Do they come in a 1 oz cup? There’s got to be a catch!


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