Meet my 2011FamVaca Members

Hopefully by now you’ve heard about our #2011FamVaca – family vacation.

#2011FamVaca the hashtag to follow

 I’d like you to meet my 2011FamVaca members: 

There’s my husband, travel partner and in some circles known as my personal sherpa, Terry aka @MrTravelD on twitter:

Terry aka @MrTravelD

Our son’s family is joining our 2011FamVaca:

Our son Jeff and his family

Little Lauren,age 4, Tracie, Jeff and Lexi, age 8, who obviously was pleased to find Pop Rocks in her Easter basket. Hopefully, Jeff wont have any accidents on this trip. In this photo his nose is broken and he had to have stitches above his eye on his honeymoon. -Don’t ask.

Last but certainly not least, joining our 2011FamVaca is our daughter Jessica’s family who I never get all in one photo:

Jessica, our daughter


Mike, our son in law


Jack and Ella at Dreams Huatulco

Jack,11 and Ella,9 who love Dreams and MEXICO! Guess the apples don’t fall from the tree- ha!

I keep reminding them we wont have a big jacuzzi this time but they are ok with that. WHEW!

So there you have it — our 2011FamVaca lineup.

We have a LOT planned. We are going swimming with the whale sharks! There is so much for the family to do at the resort too. And of course, like any good Grandma, I have a few secrets up my sleeve!

Be sure to follow #2011FamVaca on twitter and facebook to see how much fun we are having at Dreams Puerto Aventuras on our family vacation.

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  1. June 17, 2011 at 9:41 pm #

    Great looking family. Thanks for introducing us.

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