Family Vacation – Things we considered

When we decided to treat the family to vacation this summer we soon realized there are SO many things to consider:

1. Who and when are we going to go?

For our family vacation we wanted the WHOLE family, all 10 of us to go. It is a once in a lifetime event for our family most likely. Our grandson is 11 and so busy with sports it will be harder and harder to include him in the future. Of course the girls had summer camp plans lined up. Arranging around work schedules of 6 adults is no easy task for a family vacation either! Sure we will take the grandkids with us as we can, but the whole family -that might be a tough one to pull off again anytime soon. Like a dog with a bone, this Grandma doesn’t give up and finally found a week when everyone could go!

2. Where will we go?

Mexico's Flag

It’s no secret we are fans of Mexico!

And of course we had to answer the oh so tiring question, “Is it safe?” AGAIN! Both our son and daughter asked. Silly kids! What is a poor mother to do?! Of course most all the Mexican resort areas are safe for family vacations. If you click on the previous highlighted link you can see all the green areas are considered safe places.The Riviera Maya and Cancun are one of the safest areas in Mexico for a family vacation. I mean REALLY! Would we ever even consider for a second to sacrifice the safety of our precious family? NO WAY, Jose!

The natural pool at Dreams Puerto Aventuras

We are huge fans of the Dreams Resorts!

We gave everyone in the family a vote for any of the Dreams Resorts in the Riviera Maya and Cancun. MrTravelD said it would be a tough choice, they all make an excellent choice for a family vacation! However our 11 year old grandson, Jack really wanted to go to Dreams Puerto Aventuras. He thought it would be perfect for our family. He is so right!  It isn’t too large, it would be easy to find everyone whether at the beach or the pool. He saw on facebook pictures of fish swimming beach side. To him it was similar to Dreams Huatulco where we took him last year. He had such a good time there! Jack also thought it wouldn’t be as crowded as a larger resort.

Our son Jeff also voted for Dreams Puerto Aventuras because the beach is sheltered providing a safer beach for his girls. He will be practically be able to call out their names and be heard. His girls Lexi,8 and Lauren,4 are looking forward to going on a family vacation to the beach-anywhere. Ella,9 is just excited to go to Mexico again! Ella’s Dad, Mike said he just wants to sleep. -OK! (rolling eyes)

The adultsMarina side of Dreams Puerto Aventuras

I like the Marina side of the resort-it’s for adults. If -more likely when we need to escape to, ummm….shall we say, some much needed quiet time it will be an oasis!

Of course, the bargain hunter in me found Dreams Puerto Aventuras running pretty amazing deals this summer, so it had my vote! Jack’s Mom, Jessica lost out. She voted for Dreams Riviera Cancun. She liked the looks of the “uber sweet suites” as she called them.

King suite at Dreams Puerto Aventuras

I assured her even though Dreams Puerto Aventuras is not the newest property of the choices, all of the suites have been remodeled in the last year or two.

bathrooms at Puerto Aventuras

Once all votes were counted, Dreams Puerto Aventuras won hands down for our family vacation!


3. How will we get there?

Chicago Rockford International Airport

We have several airports to choose from. The choices are Milwaukee, Madison, Rockford and Chicago. We feel a smaller airport will be better choice for our family vacation. We chose Chicago Rockford International Airport. They offer nonstop seasonal flights to Cancun. It is so easy and convenient! There is no charge for parking, no charges for checking one 50lb bag per person on our flight or for luggage assistance either! You can’t get lost inside the airport if you try and they have free wifi!

No long lines at the Rockford Airport

The Rockford Airport is the perfect choice for a family vacation flying from southern Wisconsin, eastern Iowa and northern Illinois!

Now I needed to figure out a cost effective and reliable way to get the family to the resort. I relied on the expertise of my pal Kay aka @LocogringoCom on twitter. I like doing business with my friends on twitter when I can. Her company not only offers transfers but villa vacations as well.

Tomorrow we are leaving on our family vacation! YIPPPEEE!! I will keep you posted with our twitter hashtag #2011FamVaca and through the facebook page of Dreams Puerto Aventuras on what we are doing!

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2 Responses to “Family Vacation – Things we considered”

  1. June 18, 2011 at 10:50 pm #

    Looking forward to your Tweets and posts. Know you'll have a great time.

  2. June 17, 2011 at 2:04 pm #

    I just got back from Mexico, and before I went and after I came back I had to endure endless questions about whether or not Mexico is safe! Media portrayals of Mexico have really done some hefty damage, I'm afraid.

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