Bits and Pieces- Spotted Dick-Summer Fests-Six Cool Facts

Bits and Piece on the wonderful world wide web:

Today we share Spotted dick, Summer fests and Six Cool Facts about the Netherlands:

Spotted dick?!  OK?!  I've tried Haggis, Cream Tea, Bangers and Mash, Shepherd's pie and Fry Up.  How about you, what have you had?

Top 10 Traditional Eats (with Funny Names) of Great Britain

…..In order to have a true British experience, visitors must try these top ten traditional eats that sport funny names. Get ready to erase all of your preconceived notions of British food and indulge…..

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Five can't-miss summer festivals

Soak up the summer atmosphere — along with some sun — by exploring the culture and creativity that fills these five festivals.

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6 Cool Facts About the Netherlands

Beyond things that you probably didn’t know about Amsterdam; here are some cool facts about the Netherlands…..

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