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This past  week at #TMOM, the twitter travel chat for traveling moms on Mondays at 8pm CDT, the theme was about traveling with your Mom in honor of Mother's Day. I loved reading everyone's tweets and sharing my own adventures with my Mom.  It was a fond  trip down memory lane.

Someone told about their Mom turning around and swatting at them yelling, "if I have to stop this car!"  I had to laugh because I sure heard that a few times traveling across the country when we moved and on our trips to Kansas to visit my Grandmother. Thankfully, I don't remember my Mom ever actually stopping the car. I don't EVEN want to think about what would have happened if she had! 

I told the tale of how my Mom as a girl dreamed of traveling the world, escaping the small towns surrounded by wheat fields where she lived. My Mom luckily fulfilled her dreams by marrying my Dad, a "lifer" in the Navy. We lived in Kansas, California, Florida, Virginia, Italy, and near Washington, DC all before I graduated from high school! Before my Dad retired from the Navy in Naples, Italy we took a big 3 week trip car trip around Europe visiting northern Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Holland.  It must have been my Mom who gave the travel bug to me!

When the question was asked, "what is your fondest travel memory with your Mom," I didn't know where to start. I have tons of travel tales with my Mom. This time I told the tale of a road trip the two of us took to be with my sister as she became a Mom for the second time. I rode the Greyhound bus from Chicago to Columbus, Ohio — that is a whole other story…. then we drove together to Kansas to get my Grandmother and the three of us made our way to New Mexico where my sister lived. I saw sides of my Grandmother on that trip that I had not seen before, now understanding why my Mom didn't think her Mom was nearly as perfect as I always thought she was. But the best part of the trip, aside from seeing my newborn nephew and celebrating his birth with my brother in law until the wee hours of the morning, passing out blue bubble gum cigars to everyone in the bar until I was sicker than a dog, was driving down the highway with just my Mom. We sang at the top of our lungs Billy Joel's, For The Longest Time.  We laughed, clapped, snapped our fingers and sang along every time it came on the radio. It was on the Top 10 list so it played at least once every hour or so! Thankfully, no one could hear us as I can't carry a tune with a basket. I am sure we were quite entertaining to the passing  cars. It had to been a sight for sore eyes, the two of us bopping our heads and carrying on to the catchy tune . 

Me, My Mom and Dad

So to my Mom on this Mother's Day, thanks for the memories and for giving me the travel fever. You'll never know how very much I love you and if I could I would make all your travel dreams come true! — Oh and Dad, I love you too!

Where did you travel with your Mom?

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