Villa Vacations in Los Cabos


Recently my friends from treated us to a villa vacation for a day at the luxurious Villa Cortez in Los Cabos. Let me tell you, it was FABULOUS!! I had forgotten all the reasons why villa vacations are great and I am glad they reminded me!

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Here are 15 reason you might like a villa vacation:

1.  Privacy – need I say more?

2.  Great for couples who love to travel together

3.  Great for multi-generational family trips- quality family time together without distractions

4.  Wonderful for private weddings- you can decorate and cook yourself or there are local wedding coordinators to handle all the arrangements for you.

5.  More space with all the comforts of home, living room, dining room, multiple bathrooms and home entertainment systems. 

6.  Villas are available from simple homes to luxurious estates and everything in between for your comfort level.

7.  Eat like a local -you can either shop and cook for yourself-especially good for those with severe food allergies, local staff with down home style local recipes, even the services of 5 star gourmet private chefs can be arranged.

8.  You dont have to dress up if you dont want to– you can wear your pjs all day if you are so inclined.

9.  Never crowded, you can always find a lounge chair in the sun or shade, whichever you prefer.

10. Many villas have private pools, jacuzzis, fire pits and BBQ grills.

11. Laundry facilities – have you ever had to wash in the sink or pay $5+ for one piece of clothing to be washed?

12. The spa comes to you with indoor or outdoor spa services.

13. Insider tips for shopping, sightseeing and dining

14. You can listen to your own music or no music at all-you aren't subject to the taste of others.

15. Many villas offer free wi-fi and international calling.


If these reasons to villa vacation appeal to you, contact me. I have the connections to find the right villa vacation for you. We have been on villa vacations in Jamaica with friends and by ourselves, I know what makes a great villa vacation.

Have you ever taken a villa vacation? What were your reasons? Did you like it? Why, why not?

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  1. April 28, 2011 at 3:38 pm #

    So glad you enjoyed your villa experience in Los Cabos!

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