Sally’s Huatulco


  A guest photo essay from Sally, a client of mine who has an apartment in La Crucecita, near Huatulco, Mexico

School recital -Mexico
Pageantry and dance are a very important part of the Mexican heritage.
Fancy cultural costumes for the folkloric dance recital in Mexico
All the children who go to school learn to dance traditional Mexican dances.
Last night some of the schools in town gave a recital for their parents, families and friends.
School dance recital in Mexico
The kids love to dance–both boys and girls and really take pride in getting to participate.
It was really beautiful and fun to watch.
School folkloric dance recital in Mexico
The kids were so excited.
The kindergarten recital in Mexico
The children in the brown and white outfits are kindergartners.

Folkloric dance recital in Mexico

After the dance program was over a band started playing in the parking lot behind us–not sure if it's a wedding reception or party for the taxi drivers….ended up being for the taxi drivers. Three live bands, when one gets finished, the next one starts–no intermissions. Went on until 3 am.
As I have said before, Mexicans love to dance and party!

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