Road trip to Green Bay

Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin
My parents took my husband (a lifelong Packer fan) and I on a road trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin a few years ago. Green Bay is the not only the home of the Green Bay Packers’ beloved Lambeau Field, it’s also the home of their Hall of Fame. Yes, the Green Bay Packers have their very own Hall of Fame at Lambeau Field!
Armchair coach in Lombardi's office at the Packer Hall of Fame
At the Hall of Fame we saw the history of the ”Green and Goldunfold before our eyes in some 80 exhibits, Super Bowl trophies, championship rings, uniforms and videos. There is also a re-creation of Coach Vince Lombardi’s office. Children have fun playing in the “little Packers locker room”. We toured Lambeau Field, sat in the coveted private boxes and walked through the tunnel where so many football greats have walked before us. My husband even attempted a “Lambeau Leap”. He said It was far more difficult than it looks on TV! 
Lambeau Leap
No visit would be complete without browsing through the 2 story Pro Shop packed   -pun intended, with Packer memorabilia in every price range.  I still proudly wear the headband ear warmer I bought as a souvenir and on occasion I've been known to don a cheesehead- the crown of a TRUE PACKER FAN! There is no doubt in my mind, Packer and football fans will enjoy a road trip to Green Bay’s Lambeau Field and the Packer Hall of Fame.  
 I LOVE my Green Bay Packers!
To see more photos of our road trip to Lambeau Field and the Packers Hall of Fame click here
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  1. February 6, 2011 at 3:43 pm #

    Fellow traveler and Packer fan says GO GREEN BAY!!!!

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