PortaPockets-The Perfect Solution

Friday night before my big 19 day adventure to London and Paris, I was REALLY starting to freak out. For a good part of the trip I would be traveling alone (which I am not accustomed to doing) and solely responsible for all my cash and credit cards.  My twitter pal SantafeTraveler suggested PortaPockets from our pal PortaPocketGal. Yes, PortaPockets would be the perfect solution! The only problem was it late, Monday was a holiday and I was departing Tuesday evening. Enter PortaPocketGal who just happened to pop on twitter, she said they’d be in the mail first thing Saturday morning. Talk about GREAT customer service! The assortment of PortaPockets arrived just in the nick of time!
3 PortaPocket sizes
Throughout the trip I looped the PortaPockets belts everywhere I could think of, around the middle of my bra, my waist and the loop inside my coat. I divided my phone, cash and cards into more than one pocket so that I would not have everything in one spot. These travel gadgets are well made and  available in 3 sizes. The neoprene belts are comfortable and adjustable.The pockets have velcro closures so nothing slips out.  I even used one of the pockets without the belt in the inside pocket of my jacket. PortaPockets were the perfect solution for keeping valuables safe.  I won’t be traveling without them and my travel tip to you- you shouldn’t either!
12,18 and 36
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  1. January 16, 2011 at 2:26 pm #

    Thank you, Stephanie! Glad they worked out on your trip and that you found them helpful 🙂
    This is good!

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