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Adventures in London and Paris With Europe Express and TravelDesigned 

I can't believe in just a couple of days, I will be in London and Paris with Europe Express! Europe Express is a leading travel provider to Europe and they have invited me  to experience London and Paris along with a group of premier travel consultants from across the United States. Each day we will begin with site inspections of carefully selected hotels in each city, our afternoons will be free to explore the cities and most evenings we will meet for a special dining experience. 

I am going to London a few days early to spend some time with friends. When the Europe Express trip is over in Paris, I will return to London to spend a week at their home in the countryside. I know we have plans to visit Canterbury and Leeds Castle other than that, I am leaving the itinerary to my friends.

I have to admit, I am a VERY nervous! Not about the recent European travel alerts–they dont bother me at all (though to ease my Mother's mind, I did register my itinerary with the State Department).  I am nervous about traveling on public transportation throughout London and Paris. I usually take taxis and the thought of being on crowded city buses, trains and trying to keep up walking with a group of 16 people is making my stomach ache! What if I get pickpocketed or someone decides they like my purse better than I do, or I miss the stop and get lost?! I am also nervous about having a roommate. Not that she wont be nice, but what if I AM too wacky, cough and talk in my sleep?! I do talk out loud in my sleep, plain and clear-ESPECIALLY when I am worried! What have I gotten myself into?! I 'm freaking out! 


That said, our host, Kier Matthews has thought of everything to make this trip a success! He knows we have businesses to run while we travel, so he hooked us up with Forum Tel  to have cell phones to use while we are traveling. Kier has worked closely with the British Tourist Authority on our itinerary in London so we dont miss any of the MUST SEE sights.     He has also arranged with Suite Arrival to deliver deluxe toiletry kits to our hotel upon arrival. How wonderful it will be not to worry about packing these toiletries:

His DeluxurySM Kit

  • Sprout Out Organic Shampoo
  • Sprout Out Organic Moisturizer
  • Sprout Out Organic Body Wash
  • Eight Body Ginger Lime Moisture 
  • Kiss My Face Natural Moisture Shave
  • Gillette Mens Razor
  • Jaqua Body Butter
  • Peeled Organic Snacks
  • Somersault Natural Snacks
  • Kiss My Face Organic Toothpaste & Toothbrush
  • Razor


Her DeluxurySM Kit

  • Bee-Kind Organic Shampoo
  • Bee-Kind Organic Conditioner
  • Bee-Kind Organic Body Wash
  • Eight Body Lavender Moisture 
  • Kiss My Face Natural Moisture Shave
  • Schick Womans Razor
  • Jaqua Body Butter
  • Peeled Organic Snacks
  • Somersault Natural Snacks
  • Kiss My Face Organic Toothpaste & Toothbrush
  • Razor

Some of the things I am REALLY looking forward to are:

  • We will kick off the trip by dining at Shaka Zulu – the talk of the town, a Zulu inspired restaurant and nightclub in Camden.
  • Kier has planned a birthday celebration surprise for me:P
  • Shopping at Harrod's with my girlfriend- good thing I bought some British pounds, Euros and notified my credit cards!
  • Visiting the Milestone Hotel and having an award winning proper English tea.
  • Tower of London & Shakespeare’s Globe
  • One evening we will be hosted by Best Loved Hotels for drinks and dinner at The Gore Hotel & The Pelham Hotel – I know this will be a FUN evening.
  •  I cant wait to see the views from the London Eye!
  • The Hop On & Hop Off Bus Tour will make it easy for me to get to all the sights in London!
  • The chunnel train from London to Paris  @raileurope
  • Once in Paris I hope to make it to the top of the Eiffel Tower at sunset (it's on my bucket list) and  meeting my sweet tweeps @ParisBuff who have written Paris Movie Walks, a book filled with walking tours of the sights seen in movies- as the title suggests.
  • During our free time in Paris,  I'll use the Hop on and Hop off tour bus to sights and museums on the Museum Pass!
  • Our trip will conclude with a wine and champagne paired dinnershow and a behind the scenes tour of Paradis Latin Cabaret!

 I REFUSE to allow my "Nervous Nellie" nature to spoil my adventures in London and Paris with Europe Express! So be sure to follow the hashtag #EuropeExpress where @KierMatthews, @TMBTravel, @CruiseBuzz, @SoloTravelGal and me, @TravelDesigned  will be tweeting LIVE from Europe! 

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2 Responses to “London and Paris with Europe Express”

  1. May 5, 2012 at 7:45 am #

    I’ve been to Paris a half dozen times. Mostly business reoasns caused me to go, though I once made a personal trip with my wife.Most citizens of most cities of the world appreciate it if you attempt their language, not Paris. If I attempted French I was ignored. In Germany people always appreciated your efforts. My wife was mugged on the Metro. Another time I arrived late one night at the Lafayette and was told that they had rented out my guaranteed late arrival room. They refused to help me find another hotel. Another time, my wife (in Atlanta) suffered an ectopic pregnancy hemorrhage. My manager tracked me down in Paris. I tried to make a long distance call from my room. They wouldn’t permit it. I had to go on the street and find change to use a public phone! I’ve got a million of them. Give me Berlin, Vienna, Milano, Budapest, Singapore, Duesseldorf, Toronto and about 50 others before you give me Paris! I’ll begrudgingly give a thumbs up to the night sky of Paris. From a high rise in LaDefense, the view is quite spectacular.

  2. October 9, 2010 at 12:23 am #


    I am RELIEVED! ….We dont have to take public transportation in London! YAAAAY!

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