Dreams Huatulco Dreams Come True part 2


Terry couldnt understand why I brought my games, arts and crafts, but they really came in handy in keeping the kids busy while we were in the room, especially at night when we were all taking showers to get ready for dinner.Ella colored all 10 of her wooden fashion dolls(think paper dolls made out of wood) in a week!  During the day, the Dreams Entertainment Team kept us running from one thing to another and at night they entertained us with song and dance shows. Honestly, I never particpate in games and activities. My trips are usually filled with visiting hotels, sightseeing, walking on the beach and relaxing by the pool. I had NO IDEA how much fun the Dreams Resorts can be from sun up to way past sundown.


The daily activities are listed on the Sundial which is delivered at turndown. Each night we would circle the activities we wanted to try. In hindsight, most days it would have been easier to circle the few we were not interested in! The day's activities start promptly a 9am. Every hour there is at least one activity and there are 2 lists of activities, the Explorers (kids) Club and the resort activities. Occasionally we would run into scheduling conflicts but fortunately, the more popular ones are repeated throughout the week and each day there is something new. 



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One activity unique to Dreams Huatulco is Feeding Fishes. There is a huge rock formation, on the Preferred Club section of the beach, where we were to meet at 9am. I thought, yeah right, a bunch fo minnows!  But I packed up my backpack with the snorkels, masks and our thermal cups full of ice water to keep the kids hydrated and off we went!  We met up with a couple of staff members who gave us a fist full of food. We put a few pellets in the water and much to my surprise-HUGE fish appeared-at least 8" to a a foot long!  We would stay here long after the activity ended as Jack loved video taping the fish with the waterproof video cam I bought for the trip.


I could be heard yelling, "Jack, away from the rocks" while Grandpa and Ella explored the rocks on foot. Jack and Grandpa went kayaking and played pool volleyball. Grandpa woke the next day saying, "OUCH, I dont think I should have played so hard"!  One day Ella and I went Hobie Cat Sailing with Eric from the Water Sports Team. Another day Jack played soccer with the guys. You could hear screams of  "uno, dos, tres" at the bungee trampoline followed by squeals of glee when Odi or Brenda  sent Jack and Ella flying into the sky as high as a palm tree. Of course, we spent plenty of time playing in the pool. The kids were hesitant to play Crazy Games at the pool until they saw Grandpa climb onto a surfboard in the pool and knock off another guest–or at least try to! Then, Jack and Ella couldn't get enough turns. Grandpa and Jack payed some ping pong. There was rock wall climbing and tic tac toe,, rock wall climbing and foosball too. I can't say enough wonderful things about the Explorers Club and Entertainment Teams at Dreams Huatulco! They really gave us some priceless memories, I will spare you the 1163 photos I have to prove it!


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One lesson I learned on this trip is how VERY important  it is to watch your children closely as the tides can be strong. I found this out the first day while at the shoreline photographing the kids and Terry. A small wave knocked me on my behind. We all laughed but I learned my lesson right then and there!

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Don't take your eyes off the children when they are at the beach-no matter where you go!

More fun to come…. To Be Continued …..

We were the guests of Dreams Huatulco Resort and Spa. Their generous hospitality has not influenced this article in any way.
















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