Dreams Huatulco – A Dream Come True

Dreams Huatulco mexico

Dreams Huatulco certainly made our dreams come true last week! Since we are not accustomed to traveling with children, I had many fears. What if we miss the flight, the children are bored,  they don’t like the food, what if they are naughty…. oh,so many what ifs!

We did not miss our flight, in fact, we check in early and missed a LONG line! They were little travel angels on the plane. Jack and Ella brought their I-pad, I-pods, and gameboys. I brought a special backpack full of travel games as well as art and craft supplies which included draw your own postcards, a create your own book, wooden fashion dolls to color, etching kits, tape, scissors, glue sticks and every color of pencil and marker Crayola makes.

The worst thing that happened: I got stung by a bee and we were constantly picking up after the kids. In the big picture of life- that is nothing! There was nothing I could do about the bee sting and fortunately, I am not allergic.  I would rather be stung than have the kids get stung, so all was well that ended well. Jack said, “Grandma, you have 2 thumbs on one hand!” Yes, all I suffered from was a swollen pinky. I tried not to swear too loud when it stung me and thankfully the kids were in the pool and couldn’t hear me! Had it been any worse, there is a Doctor’s Office on property.

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From the moment we stepped off the plane not only was I impressed, the kids were too!  We were greeted with butterflies of every shape, size and color fluttering in the middle of the runway. We used the local transportation Especial private shuttle van. The fare was only 620 pesos -roughly $50-62 roundtrip for the 4 of us depending on the exchange rate.  The entire ride through the Parque Nacional Huatulco butterflies danced around the well paved winding road. Upon arrival to Dreams Huatulco Resort and Spa we were met  with cool scented  towels and ice cold fruit punch drinks. Ella couldn’t believe it! She’d never been welcomed at a hotel like this before! You should have seen their faces when Christian, our concierge welcomed them personally with Explorers Club visors and t-shirts.

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 Christian suggested we have lunch because we arrived several hours prior to standard check in. He came just as we finished lunch to say our accommodations were ready. Trust me, it was worth waiting for! We were so fortunate to receive a Preferred Club Oceanfront Jacuzzi Suite on the top floor! Talk about Dreams Huatulco dream accomodations-wow! This definitely was a dream come true! –especially for GRANDMA!!Here is a tour of our suite, the Preferred Club Lounge and what we did the first 2 days at Dreams Huatulco. We tried so hard to stay up for the Mexican Fiesta Show but we couldn’t. The travel day had taken it’s toll on all of us. Each night at turndown, the Sundial activity and newsletter is delivered. The four of us would gather on the balcony to plan the next day’s events and a few nights we played in the Jacuzzi together. The first night, Ella and I were both excited to find there would be t-shirt painting after breakfast!  Later in the day, a friend of mine at the hotel took us to see iguanas in their natural habitat. Jack told me at the end of the trip, this was one of the highlights of his Dreams Huatulco vacation. We also visited the lighthouse to see one of the 9 beautful bay views. We made it back in time for bungee trampoline, which was one of their many favorite Dreams Entertainment Team activities.

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As far as picking up after the kids, I brought a recyclable shopping bag. You know, the large bags you pay a few dollars for at the store. Little did  I know this is how it would be used- every time I found clothes or toys lying around, I simply picked them up and put them in the bag. When the kids wondered where their things were, I just told them to look in the bag.;)

 To be continued

 We were the guests of Dreams Huatulco Resort and Spa. Their generous hospitality has not influenced this article in any way.


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  1. Rafael
    August 10, 2010 at 2:28 am #

    Hey, this post is awesome! I will visit Huatulco next week with my kids and this review helped me know exactly what to expect. Thanx!

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