Huatulco Dreams

Huatulco Dreams (part 1 of our Huatulco, Mexico trip with our grandchildren)
These days I am having Huatulco dreams. We will be traveling with our grandchildren, Jack -10 and Ella- 8, next month to Dreams Huatulco Resort and Spa. I don’t know who is MORE excited, the kids or us!
I have been doing a lot of research about Huatulco, Dreams and traveling with children. My twitter pal, Cindy Richards from called to reassure me everything will go fine! She reminded me to take a power strip for recharging all our electronic gadgets (dvd player, gameboy, Ipad, cameras, phones, laptop) and a splitter so the kids can listen to a movie without disturbing other passengers. Cindy told me I could not pack enough food and snacks for the kids to eat at the airport and on the plane or enough Ziploc bags for a million and one uses!  I was glad she suggested we take our own masks for snorkeling. Cindy explained an ill fitting mask will definitely bring a sudden halt to a fun day. I already have my own prescription mask so I would have never thought of this! Thank you, Cindy for saving the day, it has been a LONG time since I have traveled with children.
I have been dreaming about a trip like this for quite a while. I have always been VERY envious of other grandparents with their grandchildren on vacation, I can’t help myself.  One thing for sure, Dreams Huatulco will be the perfect place for our first, of hopefully many to come, “multigenerational” vacations.  Jack and Ella will love the Explorer's Club for kids. They were sold on the idea when I showed them the website. Jack and Ella are already excited about the weekly campout, the movies on the beach, sandcastle contests, arts and crafts, euro bungee (a bungee jumping trampoline) and the treasure hunt.  I wish I were young enough to join them! Though, my mind is completely at ease knowing the Explorer' Club staff is CPR, first aid and Red Cross trained. I will even be given a pager in the event I am needed in a moment’s notice. 

I emailed the hotel for the consent form for the Explorer’s Club. I wanted to make sure I knew what information would be required. I am glad I did, one of the questions asked their blood type! They will also be informed of any food allergies as they will be having lunch and dinner with the Explorers. It is kind of like a day/evening camp. Certainly, we will be spending plenty of time together, but I want the Jack and Ella to have fun doing "their own thing" — and of course, I will need time to do "my thing" too! I can hardly wait to hit the SPA!! I do have ulterior motives

All  on my own I made up  the following consent form for my daughter and son in law to sign and have notarized in the unlikely event of an emergency, I don’t want any problems. Better to be safe than sorry, I ALWAYS say!




Authorization for Minors to Travel


We, ___________________________________________, Mother



and ___________________________________________, Father


hereby authorize our minor children, names as appearing on their passports :







to travel out of the United States from

____________ 2010 to _________ 2010


traveling to 

 Huatulco, Mexico


under the custody of their grandparents:


@TravelDesigned and Mr. @TravelDesigned



We also give them consent to make any medical treatment decisions required.






Mother’s printed name and signature            Date:








Father’s printed name and signature     Date:







            Notary stamp:  






                    Notary  Signature:________________________




 What are your tips for traveling with children?  

Huatulco Dreams to be continued……   
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