Fiji – My Wish Come True

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Fiji- My Wish ComeTrue


 What better time to think back on travel memories of a warm and lovely destination than during the cold winter.

 Everybody has a wish list when it comes to travel. A certain destination or multiple ones, they just have to see! That choice can be based on stories you've heard by other travelers who have been there, or maybe through pictures you saw. I can't even remember why it was so high on my list. I think it was some sort of documentary I saw about it. My god, the beaches they showed and the crystal blue waters. Well, I knew one thing, I wanted to see Fiji!



To be honest, I’ve always thought it would be my honeymoon destination, but when my thirtieth birthday was around the corner, I decided to go ahead and plan a trip. And was I glad I did 😉

The Fiji Islands are located in the heart of the South Pacific. They consist of over 300 islands with the two largest islands being Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. I flew into Nadi, the international airport at Viti Levu.

Bula! Welcome to Fiji! I remember landing in Fiji and it was pouring rain and me thinking: “You got to be kidding me, I flew all this way for rain!” Luckily by the next morning, the rain stopped. :)

My trip consisted of a three day cruise to do some island-hopping and a few days at a luxurious resort. In this story I'll focus on the 3 day cruise I went on. I did think this cruise was an excellent way to see multiple islands, even if it's sometimes just from a distance.

Meeting the other 10 passengers (yes, that's all, it felt like a private cruise 😉 was the first thing on the agenda. This wasn't hard, as we could talk over lunch, that was served while our cruise set sail to the Yasawa Islands. After a delicious meal and exploring the ship for a bit (it's not that big), we made our first stop: visiting a Fijian Village. We attended an ancient `Yagona` ceremony. Yagona or kava is the traditional drink of Fiji. It's a drink made in a wooden bowl, called Tanoa during a ceremony with music and clapping. Lovely to experience. A little tip, if you go visit a Fijian village, bring something for the children. We just took some candy and they loved it.


Back on board, we got ready for dinner. It was a special "Captain's Welcome" dinner. The crew also provided entertainment by singing and making music. And it was a nice chance to get to know my fellow passengers. They came from all countries: Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Canada and Germany.

Day 2 brought us to an amazing privately owned island which was gorgeous. It's my number 1 in my Top 5 of Most Beautiful Beaches  You could relax in a hammock, sunbath, but also see some colorful underwater spectacles while snorkeling. I just loved it! And on top of that, there was a BBQ served on the beach, for a beach lover like me, this was heaven on earth!


In the evening, we were in for a surprise. The crew set up our dinner on shore in a traditional Fijian way. They prepared our food in a "lovo" which is an earth oven. Really cool to see! It was an amazing evening, we did a little quiz/show and we had to tell something about our own country. At the end, the crew treated us to some more music and dancing. A magical night under the stars.

Already the last day, too bad this was such a short trip… still I think it's a great way to see a bit more of the Fijian Islands. There are longer cruises too, but because I was only in Fiji for a week I decided on the short cruise and a beach stay for a couple of days. After another tasty breakfast ~ the food was marvellous on this boat! ~ our last stop, another Fijian Island. You could go for a beach walk, snorkeling or just relax on yet another beautiful beach.



Later we headed back to the port, but not before enjoying lunch and afternoon tea. To top of this lovely experience, the crew sang their farewell song "Isa Lei" to say goodbye.


I have to say, this cruise was amazing, the food was suburb, the crew outstanding and the travel companions delightful. It's one of my most fantastic travel memories. You know, the Fijian Islands aren't called the "Friendly Islands" for no reason. They make you feel so welcome with their "Bula" and music & dance. Fiji was everything I expected and more. I'll definitely go back one day!


Isabelle was one of the first tweeps I followed when I started on Twitter.  She always brings a smile to my face when I see her in my Twitter stream. It makes my day when she interacts with me or retweets me.  Now, we are friends and check up on each other outside of twitter.


Thank you, Isabelle for contributing one of your dreams come true. 

I sincerely wish all your hopes and dreams come true!!–Stephanie

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