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                                                                                                    Travelling More

I’m not talking about how often you travel – I’m asking, do you immerse yourself while on the road and take advantage of the opportunity to make it a rich, authentic travel experience?  From tasting local food and drink to adventure touring or  simple walks along the beach, I’ve travelled a lot and am always making a concerted effort to make the most of the destination.  There have been few places that I haven’t liked, but I’d like to share with you a few of my true favourite gems.  Places where  travelling more is alive and well.  Places that you should add to your bucket list if you haven’t been already.

Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

 Tonga Island at Abel Tasman National Park- courtesy of bdearth

Everyone who me even remotely well knows that New Zealand is my favourite country and I get there every chance I can get.  My most memorable Kiwi experience was walking in the Abel Tasman National Park.  An incredible place full of blue waters, green forests, and few people, it is the perfect place for a digital detox or to and get yourself grounded, both mentally and physically.  Absolutely wonderful.  The South Island is non-stop beauty, so give yourself plenty of time to get around and soak it up.

Lille, France

 Opera de Lille -courtesy of ChuckYeager

Lille is one of those places that should be crazy popular, but isn’t.  It was a tiny spec on the map until it became a transit terminal for high speed trains between London, Brussels, and Paris.  It now has a chic, modern railway station just minutes from the gorgeous old world town.  Don’t get me wrong – tourism has increased – but you’ll still find yourself enjoying a crowd-free environment in the old streets of Vieux Lille, the world class museums, or the expansive park of the Citadel.  Next best thing to Paris.

 Edinburgh, Scotland

 Forth Road Bridge - Edinburgh, Scotland- courtesy of law_keven

I suppose I’m biased on this one because I live here (and wrote a book about the place).  But it’s a true gem and so many folk, when they think of the UK, think “London.”  Jokes aside, Scotland is so different than life down south, and the Edinburgh experience is second to none.  Splash the cash and come for the Edinburgh Festival, or go off-season and enjoy hill walks – it is very easy to get out of town –  cozy pubs, and of course our iconic architecture.


Melbourne, Australia

 Harbor-Melbourne, Australia -courtesy of mugley

If I were in love with a city, it would be Melbourne.  From the gorgeous, glistening skyline that rises from the Australian bush, to the gorgeous locals hanging out at the beach, what’s not to like?  Good food, great shopping, amazing weather (albeit a touch too hot and too dry lately), and a European/cosmopolitan charm, Melbourne is my pop star icon.  May I always worship her.

Montreal, Quebec

 Montreal skyline seen from Mont Royal -courtesy of maha-online

I do love cities and Montreal is just one of those places that pulls at your heartstrings.  Even their “chain” coffeehouse, Second Cup, is an experience not to be missed, but of course their Japanese gardens and inner-city “mountain” are world class must-sees.  Montreal is in Quebec, which they will be quick to point out isn’t exactly Canada, and you should also know that it gets damn freezing here in all but the summer.  But you know – some places just look great with a dusting of snow, and as a result of short days and long nights there’s all the more reason to pop into the many restaurants and curl up with a glass of wine surrounded by candlelit ambience.  Like I said – travel more.


Andy is the Managing Editor of Sharing Travel Experiences , a website offering resources to help you travel more.  He is also the Managing Director of Travel Online Partners , the go-to resource for small businesses in travel and tourism for help with online technology.   

Andy, thank you so much for sharing some of your favorite places (yes, favOrite-I am American and refuse to spell with u-hehe!).  Thanks to you my bucket list is getting longer and longer.  

Watch your back- you know, I am stalking you on twitter! –Stephanie aka TravelDesigned

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