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 I'm often asked by clients what I suggest they bring with them on vacation so I've created 'The ALMOST Ultimate Packing List' for them to use in preparation for their trip.

Of course, you don't need all of these things! The idea is to pick and choose what you need and to get you thinking about what to pack for your next big adventure..



 MMM MMMMMix and match clothing –Ladies, I really like Chico's for this!
Men- a nicer shirt & pair of slacks  for special evenings out


Pen to complete immigration and custom forms
Room freshener/candle-just in case Fabric sheets to keep the static cling away and to keep clothes smelling fresh in tropical climates
Zip loc bags for wet suits on the way home
Beach Bag/Tote/Shopping bag
Money/ Credit Cards-Discover is not widely accepted. Amex often  has surcharge. Mastercard or Visa are the best credit cards for foreign travel -Travel check cards-ATM
Beach towels-all inclusive hotels provide beach towels
Flip Flops/Sandals
Night light
Toys/water wings/goggles
Crayons or color penscils and coloring book-arts and crafts for kids
Puzzle books
Playing cards
Batteries/chargers/memory cards for phones and cameras Camera/video camera/laptop
Sewing kit/safety pins
Costume jewelry- always leave your precious jewelry home!
Address book for postcards/or pre print labels –must use foreign postage when traveling outside the US
clothes pins that have a hangar hook to dry wet suits
In the unlikely event you loose your credit card or passport:
It is a good idea to photocopy all passports, identification and credit cards – front and back, leave a copy at home and take one with you.
Keep this information separate from your purse or wallet
Credit card number Phone number on back of card Name of issuing bank Name on card Name on Passport Passport Number Date if issue and expiration of passport
Always bring at least 2 days extra in the event of unforeseen circumstances
Birth control-or not 
Blood pressure
Pain meds
All of your prescription drugs
Over the counter meds
Vitamins Aspirin/ibuprophen/naproxen
Pepto tablets – Tums/Rolaids/Pepcid
Cold and sinus tablets
Anti-Motion sickness
Band-aids; various sizes Ace bandage or knee brace
Insect repellent
STRONG SPF Sunscreen
Diapers and wipes/swim ups/desinex
Purell  Hand Sanitizer
Razor & Shaving gel
Toothpaste Toothbrush – be sure to dampen with bottle water and rinse in bottle water – Never use tap water!
Aftershave/Cologne/perfume-small or samples
Brush/Comb Curling/flat Iron
Hair accessories-scrunchie/bands/barrettes
Hairspray /Mousse/Gel/Styling products
Dryer, curling or flat iron
Feminine Hygiene Products
Contacts/Solution- Eye drops
Lip Balm with sunscreen
Makeup – mascara, foundation, eyeliner, blush, eye shadow, lip gloss, bronzer, powder Makeup brushes Moisturizer
Tipping Guidelines
Magellan's has a great article for foreign travel
At all inclusive resorts – some resorts strictly prohibit gratuities. These are only guidelines; if you receive exceptional service, tip more!
Maid Tip daily as maids change $2-5 Turndown Maid $2-3
Buffets $2 per person at all inclusive resorts
Ala Carte $3-5 per person depending on type of dining experience at all inclusive resorts
Bar $1-2 per drink round or $5-10 per day per person if you spend the day at the bar
Bellman/Luggage handlers $1 per bag or 5- $10 for 3-4 pieces  heavy luggage or stairs
Spa/Salon 15% – 20%
Tour Guide $5-10 per person  depending on length and quality of tour
Bus/Driver $2 -5 per person depending on length of trip
Taxi Drivers Always negotiate the price before ever even getting into the car!  
What are your travel packing tips?
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